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Thursday, 5 January 2012


         DRAIN BACK YOUR BRAINS……………..

 ‘They may range from charismatic businessmen to outstanding doctors, exuding from every walk of life’; Indians are yet to get over the alluring chances to go abroad. This menace, named by some as BRAIN DRAIN, can have more than one cause, unemployment, underestimation, or even an ulterior desire to get to the peak. Exemplification of a few patriots would be a vain trial. Excusing our explanations, they would go on trying, testing and toiling there all through, come back to India and rest for the best. It seems to be no fair a sight when the lot squeezes their brains with knowledge in India, rack their brains for implementation somewhere else and benefit some other country and no less is the fact that they come back for their motherland to take their responsibility. India has been left in a mediocre pedestal, resembling an old age home.

Worse is the fact that NRIs explain their actions as nostalgic patriotism, that have pulled them back .But common man may ask,” Where had the sense disappeared when they were wanted?? Where had they been when our motherland was crying out to augment??” It is definitely not for the sake of visiting this day that our freedom fighters had mauled their lives!! Inventions and discoveries find their ways into the world in days coupled, the fame of which is sought by the country where Indian denizens may have mustered strong. There exists an impassible gulf between the residents of foreign countries and Indians residing there, politically, socially and economically. But the desecrating conditions are accepted in view of the satisfaction of being one step ahead our countrymen. No reconsiderations despite the qualms of being turned out anytime, no repents for resolute repudiation and despotism.

All these facts do not seem to fit into the matrix of an ‘Ideal India’, independent and immaculate. A good percentage of responsible citizens can never wash their hands off the thought. The fate of India seems to be chuckling and giggling at their behest. The future of India is, as though paving its ways in between the senile curvatures of life. It is badly needed that our people wake up to the call of India, attend to its needs, endear its augment and permeate the word of unity and integrity all through the world.

Abha Shatarupa



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