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Monday, 10 September 2018


Noticed the emboldened??? Feminist and a bit lateral though, the alikeness of thought that we shared is behind what is to be served on the table. Excuse me for the choice of oddity and quirkiness of the topic, but some oddballs are better not left undiscussed.

A hint of shame is taken as a mark of respect for the fair sex. A day not far beyond, hushed words and closed doors carried innumerable unspoken tales of pain and docility. Outcasted by the generic, the womenfolk had to bear mental chores. Suppressed and surpassed, the days scattered awful trepidation in the cozy memories of the maidens and the married. Yes, the menstrual days, till day, linger to be the worst nightmares of a better majority of the womenfolk.

The sensitivity of the topic is unquestionable. The bodily pain, which is a pilot version of the labour cramps perhaps every woman is destined to undergo, leaves the ladies turbulent and transformed for a worse. The hormonal flows sway alongside and cast a darkening glance on the mental status. At times, partners and kin find themselves at a loss, unaware and unalarmed.

So what has left us so helpless that we shirk bringing such a shakingly sensitive topic to the table??Is it the conventional staticity of the problem?? Or the lack of communicational flow ?? Whether it is the deep seated idea of an ungodly format or sheer odiousness of the process?? Unbelievingly, each of these is true.

Ages stand as witness to the fact that Indian conventions have had a rich history, mostly based upon mythological statistics. The Indian pedestal is founded upon Godly grounds. And a certain period ago, the fair sex was worshiped for their strength and perseverance in bringing a new seed to life. Yet, far across the years, a natural phenomenon, which is the core of this saintly process, was started to be looked down upon!!! Not withstanding the truth that the onus of life, the menstrual blood, which is the ‘purest form of impurity’, is what moves into forming a new breath!! If the birth of a child can be celebrated, why should the death of the month be shunned??

Beyond a set mind form, the paucity of communications have played a lion’s share in triggering this oppressive set, which again contributed to this sickening mental health of girls. To consume the pain all by oneself by ignoring the thirst to share is no joke. All of these just because we feel perverted to discuss something as repugnant as this. While the play of hormones are awkwardly digested by some, it becomes a misery for the rest.

As a lady, I feel it unsavory and unappetizing to digest the fact that the world can thinks of norms distasteful on humane grounds. We can treat a process as squalidly as possible because it has been done so. When can we stop being squeamish and treat this seriously harboring disease of inattentiveness for better?? I guess a little thoughtfulness and a trifling dare to break the shackles can work wonders in solving this heavily underrated problem.

Friday, 27 January 2012


Hitting the gymnasium for faster results was once upon a time considered to be the frontal idea for the elite obese class. Being on the pedestal in the society was a lucrative advantage for the group, while the fitness ideas that stroke the middle batch were more of natural gains. The scene has undergone a sea change over the years. Now work outs in gymnasiums are offered at mediocre and affordable rates, raising the toll of fitness freaks, surprisingly from every stratum around. Howsoever, those working out at gyms are often not brimmed of the right correct and rightly wrong techniques. I list down a few common mistakes those starters commit, causing downtrodden results.

Myth: Gymnasiums are solely for losing or gaining weight.

The biggest misconception indeed!!! The fresher lot concentrates more on exercises that impress upon the weight, ignoring the strength training ones, that leaves sagging skin on the parts where the mass was dissolved.

Myth: Specific parts’ workouts help losing fat on those particular areas.

Muscle mass comprises of net weight entangled with mass from all over the body. The right combination of cardio, strength and breathing burns out greater calories, aided with faster results, rather than part exercises that lead to strain.

Myth: One difficult training can be compensated with a bit extra of the other.

This mistake is most commonly witnessed in girls. Some work outs, requiring heavy pressures, are the most difficult to be carried out. For example, oblique cycling, ab kin pro can be mastered with regular practice only. Both these trainings offer higher belly bulge reduction and coral abs building respectively. Girls often skip these to higher additional training of lower forms that needs lesser efforts and push to even slower consequences.

Myth: Warm up exercises need not be done.

Be aware!! You are snapping your bones hard. Each time these vital characteristics are skipped, we strike upon our health. Warm ups like stretching reduce possibilities of latent fractures due to strength training and boost up our stamina at the cardio. So next time you hit upon this deadly idea, think twice.

Myth: Flooring exercises are a waste of time.

Wrong!!! Along with cardio and strength, flooring exercises are an added advantage. The best shape of flooring training comes with pilates, an innovative technique that strengthens our muscle cores, trimming down the bulky figures.

Myth: Gymming does not constitute dance and aerobics.

One strength training with alternate cardio provides the best outcomes as per veteran gym hitters. Each time a short span of aerobics is performed, strength training puffs out more calories at ease.

Myth: Why these trainers???

These trainers are a vital necessity in the process. Exercising under a trainer’s supervision provides you with the correct path of work out, while minimizing the chances of accidents. In nutshell, you are nowhere in the gym without them.

Myth: Vigorous or slow, results are just results.

As the saying goes, slow for slow, fast for fast, so is the fact that vigorous training increases heartbeats, dignifying better, faster results. It is also equally important to steadily raise your level, for avoidance of sprain and strain.

Myth: Breathing has no role to play.

Oxygenating the muscles in the correct way burns more fats than expected. Wrong breathing, on the other hand, opposes the force, clashing upon your health.

Myth: Work out is a chore to be performed.

Those readers who think this way will have much lesser chances of enjoying results at the gym. Those who think training in the gymnasium is a course to be completed, are usually highly irregular at presenting themselves at work outs, far way from benefiting themselves. Better look for some other way to contract.

Myth: Faster results mean slim in 4 days!!!

When we chance upon a phrase ‘faster results’, many think it is a matter of a couple of days to lose 10 kgs. But the truth is that regular and consistent training in the right way is a must to burn out fats gradually. The results may differ from person to person, depending on present weight, span of work out, stamina, etc.

All the best!!!

By Abha Shatarupa

Thursday, 5 January 2012



Allow me to redress my objective about the headline above. The pre-election processes like canvassing for votes do not make sense. But yes, it is all about politics, and eliciting, pragmatic politics. Sifting its transcending effect, we come to terms with its deploring and downtrodden policies that have never been kept at bay. After subsuming the political environment, it has made deep inroads into the educational scenario. Yes friends, a parochial and genocidal system has struck a discordant note in our society and has left no stone unturned in evoking ambivalent and aggressive feelings all over.

With the advent of developmental means for better conditions and proper proportions of education, a renewed aura has ushered in. Institutions, both government and private, have been strongly gentrified. College elections and leaders selections today represent nothing less than the mini models of political parties and groups, provoked by the meteoric thought of augment. But alas, how can we assure ourselves that our mild views and modern notions would not create a boomerang??? And we find our answers banging back at us, the worst fears have materialized. Students ranging from tender intermediate ones to matured doctorate achievers are found to be plunging into the ocean of politics, endearing its wild smacks. At a bearing time when their only focus should have been that of deciding and demonstrating career options, they are derailed and distracted by the penchant pelf and perks of politics.

How about coming to terms with the aftermath?? A student, pleading anonymity eagerly vents out, when asked as to why the spectrum has changed ever since,” Charity begins at home; students exemplify the culture of their background.” So are the colleges to bear the grunt of the so called modernized backings?? “Why, what less would one expect to do when even the teachers and lecturers are driven away from the scene, the principal absconds and the director locks himself in his room?” She lowers her voice,” They are threatened to be dealt severely with, lest they expose the students’ guile intentions.’ So how do we view the bloodshed?? And what extensions of mortal Morales to be bracketed? A student grieves over the fact that their annual function, day 6, was intervened by local blackbodies, who rampaged the grounds to succor one of the contesting companions in college. “Exigency,” she adds,” was called upon and the situation was too vexing to be put to rest.” Another incident that shocked the city was the invitation given to local powers, by the girls of a women’s college, before the votes counting process. Is that all?? No, many such cases have been gulfed off from the limelight, either by political influence or conscious staff members.

It is far from being denied, mentored by students who answer in unison,” Clandestine connections between students, politicians, police and criminals have squirmed the routine, tantalizing the tinderbox state of the handicapped law system. Some blame the westernized shows and scenes that ignite violent passions and exude quelled emotions in an illicit manner. Parents from alluring walks of life, beset their wards with pelf and perks, privileges and protection, nescient of the fact that they are abused and misused, to be in the news. Their children spawn their leader interests and satisfy their instincts by the means provided. Jockeying for position and rocking all the way, they never hesitate to turn down all barriers and obstacles.

So how are we to bid adieu to the scurry?? Are we just to wash our hands off the trauma and bequeath the problem?? Or should we orchestrate penurious steps to bring about an awakening!! It is understandable that no general explanation would go any near to account for the nebulous drift. Neither our constitution entertains enough power to the force, nor is the duty properly executed by the bodies. Corruption is vividly deep rooted, dragging up India to position 10 in the most corrupted list. Criminals hold upon the Achilles’ Heels of the state and achieve their coveted ends, threatening and plundering people. Ministers cling on to their positions, delving deep and befriending criminals to the hilt. The enigmatic question that have been squirmed and shirked since long is about the students fitting right into the matrix of politics. In the wake of inclined bureaucracy, they can only be expected to bite the bullet and consciously brave the rain, after perceiving the deep waters they are in. A time as such is wished sincerely by some well wishers, when our youngsters grow up to take the reins of the nation, rising above all odds and oddities and leaving the world reeling under their impact.

Abha Shatarupa




         DRAIN BACK YOUR BRAINS……………..

 ‘They may range from charismatic businessmen to outstanding doctors, exuding from every walk of life’; Indians are yet to get over the alluring chances to go abroad. This menace, named by some as BRAIN DRAIN, can have more than one cause, unemployment, underestimation, or even an ulterior desire to get to the peak. Exemplification of a few patriots would be a vain trial. Excusing our explanations, they would go on trying, testing and toiling there all through, come back to India and rest for the best. It seems to be no fair a sight when the lot squeezes their brains with knowledge in India, rack their brains for implementation somewhere else and benefit some other country and no less is the fact that they come back for their motherland to take their responsibility. India has been left in a mediocre pedestal, resembling an old age home.

Worse is the fact that NRIs explain their actions as nostalgic patriotism, that have pulled them back .But common man may ask,” Where had the sense disappeared when they were wanted?? Where had they been when our motherland was crying out to augment??” It is definitely not for the sake of visiting this day that our freedom fighters had mauled their lives!! Inventions and discoveries find their ways into the world in days coupled, the fame of which is sought by the country where Indian denizens may have mustered strong. There exists an impassible gulf between the residents of foreign countries and Indians residing there, politically, socially and economically. But the desecrating conditions are accepted in view of the satisfaction of being one step ahead our countrymen. No reconsiderations despite the qualms of being turned out anytime, no repents for resolute repudiation and despotism.

All these facts do not seem to fit into the matrix of an ‘Ideal India’, independent and immaculate. A good percentage of responsible citizens can never wash their hands off the thought. The fate of India seems to be chuckling and giggling at their behest. The future of India is, as though paving its ways in between the senile curvatures of life. It is badly needed that our people wake up to the call of India, attend to its needs, endear its augment and permeate the word of unity and integrity all through the world.

Abha Shatarupa


Sunday, 4 September 2011



Venue: DDCE, Utkal University
Time: 12.30 pm

My 1st step out of the heavy aura, the winds around suddenly subsided. For all around me, the day, rather the time, to be more precise, was rejoicing personified. CWA Intermediate exams had just got over. Guys switching on to crescendo, girls dropped into a light chat, some bickering about the last paper to be an incarnation of deceit. As for me, my mind had cut through all around, racing past my own self, showing me day 1 of this journey!!!

June 4, 2010, saw me within the cool and congregated office room of ICWAI.  My father, wearing his usual haggard expression, had just completed the form fill-up preceding my admission. My uncle, with all his might, was trying to strike sense inside me.  ‘My laxity and laziness might end me up badly’, so he said, leaving me to wonder as to when did I get a chance with all of you around??!! My mother, having nothing better to do, had found solace in moving around, closely watching the progress. My foundations shook when I got to know that Group 1 classes were to get over in a couple of more days more!! So I have to attend Group 2 classes, whereas I had admitted myself in Group 1 coaching classes. As I felt the scorching heat transcending my superficial self while returning back home, I wondered which group I would most likely be appearing in my 1st attempt.

To the extremes of my distress, I appeared none, in nutshell, skipped my 1st attempt, thanking God for the optional clause inserted. The decision, however immature, saved my brain from a near about hemorrhage. For the next 8 months or so after my admission into this prestigious professional course, my days commenced before the clock struck 6, classes starting at about 7, pushing me all through the day, ending up late in the evening. Never a class-ohalic, my hormones could never resist the call of my bed, neatly drawn, thus after. Dragging myself to my table was the most onerous task I had ever known in those hectic hours. Never before the value of time was of such ghastly essence. I had already begun my preparations for appearing for both the groups in the next chance, when all hell broke loose. Ultimate lethargy, hi-fi acidity, leveled anemia, all had silently crept into my being, without the least of hints. Doctors’ opinion; Increased exposure to solar heat, erratic food-schedules, and what not, had done their tricks. I was strictly prescribed a handful of medicines, cutting short my trip to coaching classes, 10 kms. apart from my residence. Whether my teachers saved their wrath, or let go off, I didn’t know. Following thereafter was my uncle’s arrival with his family from U.S., 6th of February that was, after almost 3 years, for his elder son’s thread ceremony,. The month flew away, leaving behind celebrations and my book shelf almost locked.  Now, with less than 3 months for my next examination, I clumsily discarded the idea of appearing for both the groups. The least bones and last efforts of my corporeal identity were down on my books. Cost and Management Accounting, Indirect Taxation, Operation Management & Information System, the 4 idols they had become.  With no coaching for the subjects, a little more than half of the classes in the Institute, a fresher had taken her stand (a fresher I was to commerce, being a graduate in science) to mingle herself in these foreign land. But as I delved deeper, I discovered that my only barrier was time itself, and not the difficulty or trick in the subjects.

But more obstacles were to come my way. I witnessed in those days, the draconian impacts, a joint family could levy upon you. It was the season of functions and celebrations. ‘No’ was no less than an offence; I had to follow my family into all get togethers and ceremonies. Not less than 7 or 8 of them followed one after the other. I almost believed the saying that so long you are average, all is well. But once you have deadlines to touch, all kinds of undermining diversions drop in from nowhere. My compulsory programmes and shows, 3 of them to be exact, along with their rehearsals, had to be attended for fear of losing the membership I had so struggled to attain in the bygone years.

My exams were placed right through Rajo, the most wildly observed occasion in our culture; for me, the only numbered days in a year, when all relatives from far and wide gather at our place, our residence being the epicenter of activities. The tryst had now taken a worse turn; the congregation was shortened but not entirely deleted. Perhaps they had no inkling about the stranglehold of the situation I was crashed into. My answer papers for CMA, OM & IS and IDT revealed good study, mad study and selective study, respectively. A single consolation I met with, was that I had done the best I could to fight my mis-fate away. I had squeezed the last juices of my brains to shake out the best out of my limited knowledge and half stepped preparations.

My marks, as a layman may guess, were shattering. But what may fail a genius was the fact that I had missed my clearance by a matter of 6!!! A slight pull down did snapshot my worse moments; dealing with an underrated performance was better, however funny and crazy the statement appear. 

Thus ended my 1st year in this alien world with me facing opposite contours at every step. The fever that fate was bent upon on throwing over me did grasp me for a while, but could not doom me. The whole span taught me to stand up straight in the midst of tormenting upheavals to let others know that if you have a great rush of water sweeping your feet off at a maddening speed, you are also endowed with your own limbs to fight off the cut through. Hence we learn to swim in life rather than drowning ourselves in its pits!!! Isn’t it???

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Veracity redefined.....

First things first. As a person always inclined 2 follow my instincts, the title name struck me as a chord. Through this blog, I'll be sharing happenings and mishappenings, all around me, inviting opinions and thoughts. My 1st blog, Veracity, is open 2 all those avid bloggers, on lookout for ideas and concepts.